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Children aged 5-12 years enrolled at the GBB happily visit the centre out of school hours to be cared for and participate in a range of practical, educational and fun activities.

Our role is to:

  • Provide a safe place off the streets to care for children in need
  • Create a welcoming environment that is inclusive and respectful of the diverse range of the children’s backgrounds, values and beliefs
  • Deliver structured programs and activities for the children that facilitates their emotional, social and cognitive development
  • Look at each child individually and provide the necessary education and support services required to enhance their long term wellbeing
  • Be a positive and stable influence in the lives of children to enable them to develop necessary life skills such as expressing emotions, dealing with conflict and building resilience and coping skills

A snapshot of activities:

  • Education help – Homework Program, reading assistance, computers, research skills
  • Arts and Crafts – such as beading, canvas art, collage, painting, recycle craft and sewing
  • Games and Sports – such as tennis, soccer, relays, running games, and fun team challenges
  • Technology – computer activities
  • Cooking – creative baking with healthy and fun food recipes
  • Excursions – wildlife experiences, park adventures, museums, Sydney attractions, art galleries
  • Workshops – science demonstrations, wildlife talks, fun discos, art and cultural activities

Outdoor Adventures


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Our aim is to provide a variety of outdoor adventure camps and excursions for enrolled children and youth that provide new experiences, challenge, build self-confidence and provide life-long skills.

Our role is to:

  • Provide educational, recreational and socially fun opportunities outside the local community for children and youth who would otherwise have limited access to regular activities
  • Deliver a program of structured outdoor camps and excursions suitable to the specific needs of children and youth
  • Provide a variety of activities that challenge the children and youth’s comfort zone in a safe and supportive setting
  • Promote positive peer and staff relationships and facilitate team work

A snapshot of camping activities:

North, south and western NSW:
Children’s Camps –

  • the opportunity to venture away from home for the first time, build friendships and experience activities such as staying on a farm, exploring the Blue Mountains or the fun of a seaside holiday
  • adventure activities for older children who are transitioning to the youth program, such as camping, sand boarding, dolphin watching and surfing

Youth Camps –

  • Time out from the day to day routines for older youth, to spend time with friends and strengthen their relationships with staff
  • Build confidence and self awareness through activities such as abseiling, ropes courses and horse riding

Our Goals


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Our goal is:

To provide care and support to children and youth in need by providing recreation, education and activities that build life skills as a foundation for a brighter future.

The Girls and Boys Brigade believe that all children deserve a positive future.

To achieve this GBB provides a safe and trusting place for our local children and youth to socialise and build resilience, practical life skills and healthy relationships through recreation activities, educational help and individual support.

GBB cares for children, youth and their families who often experience significant socio-economic challenges in their lives.

We welcome cultural diversity and respect differing family values and circumstances.

For our enrolled children and youth we:

  • Assist in social and emotional development
  • Provide challenging and practical activities
  • Support key life transitions
  • Help build positive family relationships

To assist with Education we:

  • Inspire positive learning
  • Provide relevant programs and technology
  • Develop confidence and ability
  • Support education as a lifelong benefit

We provide Family Support that:

  • Offers open practical support
  • Strengthens families
  • Advocates on our parents behalf
  • Provides referrals

We value our community by:

  • Researching social issues
  • Addressing needs
  • Responding to change
  • Engaging in community wellbeing
  • Networking and partnering with community organisations

About Us


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