Youth Support

Our daily program provides a youth friendly space, access to youth workers and educational support as well as a range of creative and physical activities.

Our role is to:

  • Ensure activities are relevant and reflective of the specific challenges faced by the young people
  • Work towards promoting strong, caring relationships and connecting young people with their families, peers, school and the community
  • Develop positive relationships with young people so they know help is available if needed
  • Provide support and knowledge on healthy and safe practices and lifestyle choices
  • Focus on working with the specific needs of individual youth and if required connect them to various agencies and youth specific resources
  • Guide the important transition from primary school to high school by connecting children to the supportive environment of the youth program
  • Provide vocational workshops which give young people the opportunity to expand their skills and abilities in specific areas, that may enhance their knowledge base and prospects for future study and employment

A snapshot of daily activities:

  • Art and Craft –jewellery making, glass painting, wood burning, canvas art, tile craft
  • Cooking – creating and sharing afternoon tea and school holiday lunches
  • Outdoor Adventures – camps, challenging activities
  • Computers – for study and entertainment
  • Sport – space to play casual basketball, soccer and a variety of games
  • Photography – taking, editing and producing photos
  • Dinner Nights – time to sit and share a meal with friends and staff
  • Excursions – to places of interest and entertainment