Our education programs assist children and young people to engage positively, confidently and effectively in learning, which assists in broadening future opportunities.

Our role is to:

  • Be proactive in helping children and young people develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills necessary to engage confidently and consistently in education
  • Link with schools to develop positive outcomes for individual children with learning challenges
  • Through the Homework Program provide a fun and positive environment to facilitate learning
  • Provide volunteer tutors as the basis for guiding learning
  • Promote reading as an enjoyable and fundamental life skill
  • Bridge the technology gap faced by many children and young people by providing computer and technology resources
  • Provide an environment in the youth program that allows young people to undertake school work
  • Assist young people to develop skills and networks which increase their pathways to study and employment
  • Refer families when required to additional education support services

A snapshot of activities:

  • Homework Program – volunteer tutors work with children to complete school homework
  • Reading – a guided program to increase skill and enjoyment in reading
  • Resources – facilitate learning through fun education games
  • Computers – Resources for research and education
  • Award system – rewards consistency and achievement
  • Daily access to staff and computers to assist young people in their school work